About Us

About WattzOn.

WattzOn is a consumer energy engagement software platform that provides free tools and expert advice to help people understand their energy use and how they can make smart decisions about saving energy and making their homes more green.

WattzOn History.

The WattzOn that you see today (aka WattzOn 2.0) comes from the efforts of two organizations: the original WattzOn led by Saul Griffith, Raffi Krikorian and Jim McBride; and Ennovationz, a consumer energy efficiency software company led by Martha Amram and Steven Ashby. The organizations have maintained similar visions -- to provide a better understanding of individual energy consumption and to elevate the individual and collective choices that must be made to reduce total energy demand. In the Spring of 2011 the organizations were combined into a single platform that maintains the WattzOn brand, with operational management led by Martha Amram and Steven Ashby.

Note: Users of the original WattzOn will find no change in their accounts and access. By the end of Summer 2011 technical and feature integration of WattzOn and Ennovationz will be complete, and we'll be offering the option to switch to WattzOn 2.0.