We are creating a new way to engage.reduce.impact.

What we Do

Save Energy

Our web and mobile tools help users save 10 - 20% from simple habit changes, and another 10 - 20% from energy-smart purchases of appliances, electronics, solar and lighting. Typical savings are more than $400 per year.

Reduce Fuel Spends

WattzOn’s Auto Advisor quickly helps users see how much their family spends on gasoline (based on make/model and mileage for each car), and how much can be saved with fuel-efficient model(s). Typical savings are more than $1000 per year.

Why we Do it


Energy & Fuel Spend

13 cents out of every dollar in the household budget goes to home energy bills and car fuel - more than health care or property taxes.


Greenhouse Gases

Energy use is the #1 cause of driver of greenhouse gas emissions, and saving energy is a clear and countable way to help our planet.

Our Solutions are very easy to use and will help you make an impact.