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How much do you really drive?

Apparently a lot more than one thinks! Ever since attaching my Fuelly account to my WattzOn profile, my commuting slice jumped up by almost 2kW! And this seems to be true across the board. We found that most people actually didn’t have a good idea on how much they drive, how efficient their car really is, and how that all ties into the energy usage conversation. But your car knows all that information — in fact, WattzOn is continuously learning from Fuelly users.

That’s why we absolutely love Fuelly, and encourage everybody who is concerned about energy usage and who also drives a car to use it. Learn how much fuel your car uses, understand that number, and own it. You are the only person who can get your total mileage down, and get your car’s efficiency higher (by driving more responsibly and maintaining your car). Sign up for Fuelly, and then link it to your WattzOn account.

Its really easy to link your accounts together. Just drop yourself into your commuting page, click on the “Import driving data from” link, and just type in your username. We’ll fetch your data for you, import it into the system, and start to track it for you.

This really starts to show off the direction that WattzOn is going in — we’re building out the tools to bring in data from other sources on your behalf. We’re gathering your real data, and by providing transparency in where you are using energy, we’re hoping to help further the energy conversation.

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Snapshot of American Wattizens

Most of what we do all day at WattzOn is sift through numbers and try to understand how people are consuming power in their lifestyles. Now that we have been up and running for a while, we’ve learned quite a bit about our users’ energy consumption habits. We never give away individual people’s values without the user’s explicit permission, but WattzOn has been learning from its users — to that end, we’ve put together a quick look at the “average” American Wattizen’s home energy consumption.

This data is more of a conversation starter — we know we have work in front of us. We’re throwing this out there to get people talking. More specifically, to each other and to us! We’re continuously going through our data sets, using that data to learn about our users, and, most importantly, changing our users’ experiences and relationships with their energy usage. We already know of tons of ways to improve what we’re doing, but we’re always excited to hear more — leave us a comment on this blog post, or just drop us a line at [email protected]. We love e-mail.

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Looking for a good traveler’s mug?

In response to our blog post about paper cups vs traveler’s mugs, we wanted to suggest a traveler’s mug you could get. Proudly display to others that you are not using a paper cup, and also have an energy consumption label on the back to educate yourself.

If you already own a traveler’s mug, don’t buy a new one! Instead, get two stickers that you can put on your mug: both the this is not a paper cup sticker, and the energy consumption label sticker.

Grab the mug and stickers for yourself or for friends and convince others to stop using paper cups. While you’re at it send us@wattzon pictures of your mug.

Update (3 Dec 2008): In response to a few tweets, yes, we’ll be updating the stickers and the mug designs every so often to make sure it stays in sync with the changes in the travel mug’s EED entry.

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