Turn commercial utility bills into clean, structured data

All types of bills: ebills, scans, images

Fast and accurate | All fields

Quickly add new utilities

WattzOn's machine learning technology automates data capture at scale

Get accurate and speedy commercial bill data. Upload bills to our secure SFTP server or use our API.

Behind the scenes, WattzOn's industry leading machine learning processes ebills, scans and images quickly. Structured data is ready in minutes for bill payment, energy management and compliance reporting.

WattzOn's commercial bill solution processes utility bill data quickly and accurately.

Get Data

Get Data

We'll setup your preferred fields or use WattzOn's. Only a few examples needed.

Extract Data

Extract Data

"Mr. Bill," WattzOn's machine learning system, is highly accurate and makes it easy to capture new data fields or add utilities.

Return Data

Return Data

Data delivered in minutes via API. Or in batches via SFTP.

WattzOn's commercial billing solution meets your needs.

Commercial Bill Issue

  • Number of fields per bill
  • Accurate rate
  • Consolidated bills
  • Discover and add new fields
  • Read summary tables
  • Easily add a new utility
  • Turnaround time
  • High performance system
  • Continuous or batch processing

WattzOn's Solution

  • All
  • 99%+ (automated testing and audits)
  • YES
  • YES
  • YES
  • YES
  • In minutes
  • 99.5% uptime
  • API and SFTP modes


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