Utility bill data improves credit scores

WattzOn is the first scalable solution for utility payment history data

WattzOn's API makes integration easy for online lenders and credit bureaus

Credit risk analytics are improved with the addition of utility bill payment histories.

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Millions of Consumers Can Benefit

110 million adults have been deneid a credit card.

50 million millenials don't have a credit history.

3 million adults without a credit score could qualify for a mortgage.

Use WattzOn to enable consumer-permissioned data transfer, at scale.

Credit Score Models are Ready

Leading credit bureaus have built and tested credit score models that include utility payment histories.

FICO: Since 2009. Models 8, 9, and XD.

Vantage Score: Since 2013. Models 3.0 and 4.0.

Online lenders and other credit bureaus too!

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Utility Data Improves Scores

Utility Data Improves Scores

97% of consumers see same or better scores after providing data.

Average score increase of 29 points.

23% of consumers obtained a thick-file score for the first time.

40% of consumers experience credit card interest rate reductions.

WattzOn is the first national and scalable solution for utility payment history

Increase Product Value

Improve credit risk analytics with additional data.

Expand Your Market

Qualify more adults for financing and credit.

A Single User Experience

Deploy the same solution across the U.S., covering all utilities.

A Software Solution

No hardware required. Easy integration into your customer experience.

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