Go Solar

US Solar Energy production is way up, almost 50% more than previously thought. This is great news for individuals who have been thinking about solar, especially in California. It recently became the first state to get more that 5 percent of its electricity from utility solar!

There’s no question that solar is good for the environment, good for your utility bills, and overall just great for the earth.

So why were the numbers so skewed before? One explanation is that;

“Solar electricity produced on the utility side (wholesale) of the meter is easily counted by these agencies. But they don’t count distributed generation — the smaller systems located on rooftops. Neither has much visibility on the generation coming from the nearly 700,000 customer-sited PV systems in the U.S.”

In essence, we were missing a lot of important data that could have helped consumers make more informed choices about whether it was time to go solar or not. If you’d like to learn more, you can read the entire article here.