Exciting news!  We are partnering with social personal finance website Wesabe to change the way people think about energy and money use!

Wesabe is a free, online money management tool that lets people see all their bank and credit card balances and transactions in one place.  Their users can explore their financial information to find ways to save money through a clear and intuitive interface.

Wesabe also fosters a community so that users can share advice and information to help each other make better financial decisions and achieve money-related goals.

The tools that we are planning would provide a way for Wesabe users to track both their money and energy spending at the same time. WattzOn will serve as a currency converter for their members, letting them see their spending not only in dollars, but in watts too. Wesabe wrote a great blog post detailing all the goodies we’re working on.

Soon, people will be able to really explore the relationship between saving energy and saving money – stay tuned to hear about our developments!  Come hear more at the March O’Reilly ETech conference in San Jose.