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Several people have asked us both for a way to list their power prints on their blog, and also suggestions on how help spread the ideas behind WattzOn. To that end, this Thanksgiving, we’ve turned on the blog badge system. When you log in to your WattzOn account, on the top right, visit your account page and follow the link to “Blog badge” to get the code to paste into your templates. We’ve tried to write it in pretty unobtrusive HTML and Javascript so that it will work with any blogging system as it requires no server-side plugin.

Please drop us a line if you have any problems, suggestions, etc. — we’re actively looking for ideas on what else to add to the blog badge. Do you all want to have a breakdown of the different slices of your pie? Do you want to see how your power print changes over time? Do you want to have control over the “tagline”? All of the above?.

Also, we’ve too been asked how people can put our energy consumption labels on other sites. Please do! Please create new items in the EED, and feel absolutely free to embed those into your blog posts. Our mission is to provide the tools to help move forward the energy consumption conversation.

The one caveat, however, is that we haven’t fully built out the tools, like we did for the blog badge, to give you the code to embed. If you’re technically minded, however, the following example should help you out:

<span id="span-paper_cup">
<script type="text/javascript"

Just cut and paste that code, and insert it wherever you want to use a label of something in the WattzOn database. If you want something different than the paper cup, just go to that item in the EED, pull the name out of the URL, and substitute it both in the span tag and the script tag above. Done.