This week WattzOn did a demo of our web technology at Finovate — the leading conference for new technologies for personal financial management and banking.

Here’s what American Banker had to say, when it named WattzOn the Freshest Idea of the show:

Freshest Idea: WattzOn Personal Energy Management Platform. This software gives consumers a dashboard of their energy expenditures (drawn from their heating bill, type of car and number of miles driven per day, etc.) with suggestions for how they could use less energy and save money. Banks can offer this on their websites as part of initiatives to help consumers manage their finances. It’s different and it could catch on.”  (Best of Finovate 2012, American Banker)

And one blog post also called WattOn out, ranking it #2 in the show:   “a good resource for consumers for years” and  “management is smart”.  (A Lazy Man and his Money). Thanks all.