Welcome Mat

This marks the launch of WattzOn’s new blog, where we’ll be looking at what the energy market means for consumers. WattzOn is focused on helping homeowners and renters save energy and make their homes green.

But too often we are surrounded by confusing and conflicting information—it is not easy to get started saving energy. This blog uses the hard logic of economics and technology to cut through the noise. Hopefully we’ll be entertaining too!

Here at WattzOn our mission is simple: We help people understand how they use energy in their homes and in their everyday lives. We do this by providing free, easy-to-use online tools and free phone consultations with home energy and solar experts. Our experience is that it takes a blend of energy efficiency, financing and consumer engagement to catalyze people into saving energy.

And about consumer engagement… Most often, energy savings advice is promoted by utilities or green advocates. Although very different parties, both hope to change your decisions. But… there is a lot of research showing that consumers don’t change their decisions based on information and awareness. Consumers need to be engaged before they’ll act. So a thread running throughout the blog posts is the real-world lessons we’ve gained at WattzOn.

We’ve been in business for over four years, and we’ve learned that there is a reason why the typical utility program gets only 1–2% energy savings, or that fewer than one-half of one percent of residents actually get an energy audit. Time for a modern and fresh look at consumer engagement!

Welcome to the WattzOn blog. Look for blog posts, coming soon, that describe our work with the PBS series EARTH: The Operator’s Manual, our Green Energy Match demonstration project with the City of San José, and the insights we are gaining from our user community.


Stay tuned!