We’re pleased to announce the release of some great widgets!   Check out our APIs too!

Here’s the list:

How I Compare? — A handy tool to compare your utility bills against similar homes in your area. Includes data on real homes that are energy efficient, showing the size of savings possible. Based on data and models from DOE and LBNL.

Should I Go Solar? — With rising electricity rates, and falling installation costs, now might be the time to put up system. Enter your zipcode and average electricity bill to get a quick estimate of your options.  Based on data and models from NREL.

What are My Rebates? — Whew! There are a lot of incentives out there. WattzOn updates incentive data monthly. Simply type in your zip code to find what’s available for you at the federal, state, city, and utilty levels.

Should I Get a Hybrid? — Up your miles per gallon with a hybrid. This tool provides personalized calculations of the energy savings.  Based on data from EPA.

How Much Energy Used to Produce My Food? — Food is one of our most frequent purchases. Use this tool to explore the food groups that use a surprising amount of energy.

Want to add one or all of these customizable widgets to your blog?  Want to use our APIs?   Go to the Widget & API page at Wattzon.