Our product suite quickly gets the data.

And turns it into insights.

Via API or hosted solutions.

A National Software Platform + Targeted Products

WattzOn's Product Suite

Easy to use and easy to deploy

We make it easy for the user — and our business partners — to get started.


12 months of utility data from one paper bill

WattzOn's Snapshot is an easy and engaging way for your customers and prospects to provide their utility data.

Two-thirds of American get paper utility bills at home. So why not use that data?

  • Fast and Reliable — Data and bill images in seconds. Ready for use in your CRM and by the Sales team out in the field.
  • Highly Accurate — Our patent-pending algorithms provide accurate usage data in seconds.
  • Easy integration — Use our hosted solutions or API, or a combination of the two.


Quickly capture residential utility data

WattzOn's Link is a proven and reliable way for customers and prospects to provide their utility data.

Link is easy for customers to use, and provides automated monthly utility data.

  • Reliable — Link is designed for a great customer experience, including rapid collection of data and careful error messaging.
  • Easy Integration — Use our hosted solutions or API, or a combination of the two.
  • Ongoing Monthly Data — Every month Link automatically retrieves the most recent utility data for each home.


We created 3in1 based on field experience. Make utility data easy. Give your customers a choice.

3in1 combines three of WattzOn's products, so customers can choose "how to engage" or "how to take the next step."

  • Link — Consumers authorize the utility account connection
  • Snapshot — Consumers take a photo of their utility bill
  • PDF Uploads — Consumers upload their utility bill file

One product. Three ways to get data in seconds. Ready for your sales team or your CRM.

Monthly Utility Reports

Bring all the utility data together for your customer.

Provide a colorful, clear and useful monthly report based on utility data and WattzOn's analytics.

Proven engagement tool, with open rates more than 2X the industry average.

We serve over 215 utilities. Create a single national product, under your brand.


WattzOn's EnergyCenter provides a complete user experience for energy and water savings everywhere in the U.S. Always personal, always local.

  • Unique Content — Products guides, tips, articles, our proprietary rebate database and utility data connections.
  • Integrated Data — By climate zone, zip code, housing type, rates and more. Every locale is a unique matrix.
  • Analytics — Each user gets a personalized savings plan with prioritized action items and a personal estimate of potential savings.
  • Presentation — Via mobile, tablet or desktop the user can track energy use, savings, their plan and special offers.
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