Help your residents save energy and money.

WattzOn provides the software tools to scale your programs and track savings.

Proven in more than 30 communities across the country

Use EnergyCenter, our mobile web app, to support your outreach efforts, turning resident interest into participation and savings

EnergyCenter combines unique data, software, powerful analytics and your brand. Utility bills are transformed into an interesting, personalized experience

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9 out of 10 users would recommend us to a friend.

Proven Savings

From habits alone, typical household savings are nearly $250 per year.

Brand & Launch

Add your brand, launch within weeks.

Utility Bill Data

Automated connections make tracking and reporting easy.

WattzOn's rich features brings your program together.

For Your Residents

  • Create personal savings plans
  • Track energy usage & savings
  • See all local rebates
  • Receive monthly email updates
  • Contribute to community goals

For Your Program

  • Serve all residents
  • Ready for branding
  • Supports city & state efficiency goals
  • Content areas for you and your sponsors
  • Reporting for data-driven improvement

WattzOn transforms utility data into actionable insights — for residents and for staff

With experience in all meter environments, from highly granular data to mixed meter footprints, WattzOn uses your utility data to target residents who need energy and/or water savings support. Increase operational efficiency by catching problems before they grow larger, avoiding write-downs and higher equipment costs.

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Ask us about our Guaranteed Savings Program

We're excited to offer the nation's first guaranteed energy savings program for the residential sector.

Built upon strong results in over 30 communities across the U.S., WattzOn's Guaranteed Savings program is a great fit for communities and housing providers that buy energy for residents.

Use our Guaranteed Savings Program to reduce expenses for you and your residents.

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*A Negawatt is a unit of energy saved through reduced consumption or energy efficiency. The term was coined by Amory Lovins.

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