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Thermostat Manufacturer

Thermostat Manufacturer

  • Challenge Add utility data so customers can track thermostat-enabled savings.
  • Solution Integrate WattzOn’s utility data and analytics via API. Add monthly home energy reports.
  • Benefits Now the thermostat savings are connected to the utility bill and become the centerpiece of energy engagement.
  • Customer Message "See your savings! See the results on your utility bill!"

    Solar Companies

  • Challenge Homeowner has signed up for solar, but won't have their system for another month or two. How to keep them engaged?
  • Solution WattzOn brings it all together. Install the thermostat at the time of sale, add solar when it comes online. Your customer sees value from Day One.
  • Benefits Your customer gets an immediate benefit from working with you, and stays engaged throughout the installation period.
  • Customer Message "We're your trusted solar company, helping you save energy from the start."
Solar Companies
Home Security and IOT Companies

Home Security and IOT Companies

  • Challenge Consumers reduce their energy costs through your home energy solutions, and want to see results.
  • Solution WattzOn's software tools are easy to use and automatically get utility bill and interval data.
  • Benefits Create the "all about me" solution that users of home automation systems demand. Show the savings from your devices.
  • Customer Message "Our smart home energy solution saves energy and money. See the results with lower utility bills."

No need to wait for smart meters — use our integrated solution for nationwide coverage

Increase Product Value

Bring energy savings content to your customers.

Increase Retention

Decrease churn with deeper, personalized engagement.

A Single User Experience

Deploy across the U.S. on a single platform, always tailored to local climate, rates and housing.

A Software Solution

Reduce the frictions of customer adoption. No hardware or smart meters required.

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