WattzOn's utility data enables the smart energy home

Show your customers their best energy options

Track usage and savings each month

Use WattzOn's utility bill data to make it "all about me"

Utility bill data is the foundation for personalized engagement and tailored offers.

Thermostat Manufacturer

Smart Thermostats

55 million smart thermostats will be installed by 2025 (Navigant, 2017).

Turn the smart thermostat into the energy hub of the home.

Add utility bill data to your consumer engagement app.

Integrate WattzOn's software-only solution.

Expand Beyond the First Sale

82% of consumers would consider an additional smart home offer ... if it were personalized (Accenture, 2017).

Energy awareness increases after the first purchase — solar, EV, smart thermostat.

Use WattzOn's automatic monthly updates to create fresh, customized offers.

Solar Companies
Fast Changing Product Markets

Fast-Changing Product Markets

EVs will be 25% of cars sold by 2025 (Goldman Sachs, 2017)

Your customers will be buying new products — EVs, solar, storage, and smart thermostats.

Utility bill data is key to the integrated customer solution

WattzOn's utility bill solution is nationwide and ready to go

Increase Product Value

Bring energy savings content to your customers.

Increase Retention

Decrease churn with deeper, personalized engagement.

A Single User Experience

Deploy the same solution across the U.S., covering all utilities.

A Software Solution

No hardware required. Easy integration into your consumer app.

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