Speed sales and engage customers

Commercial and residential data

Customize proposals quickly

Validate Savings

WattzOn Provides Connections to 94 million US homes and all 50 states

Utility bill data changes the conversation with your solar customer.

Close More Deals

Close More Deals

One of our customers did a detailed study and found that prospects who use WattzOn are nearly 2x more likely to keep a home appointment, and thus 2X more likely to close.

Increase Sales Velocity

Utility bills are required for custom proposals, inerconnects, permits and financing.

Stop nagging your customers for weeks. Use WattzOn to get the bill and data in minutes.

Now that's friendly!

Speed Up Sales
Solar homes are solar customers

Create Personalized Upsell Opportunities

A recente survey found that 84% of consumers are interested in personalized energy offers (Accenture, 2017).

Use WattzOn's automated utility bill updates to create a monthly report. Lifetime customer engagement.

WattzOn's interval data is ready — Solar/Storage, EVS and complex rates

Increase Conversions

Automated utility connections engage the prospect and personalize the quote.

A Single User Experience

Reduce your sales and support costs with a single national solution.

A Software Solution

No hardware required. Automatic monthly updates keep it personal and fresh.

Increase Customer Value

Things change. So does energy use. Stay connected for lifetime upsell opportunities.

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