Speed sales and engage customers

Get utility bills & interval data in an instant

Personalized Energy Insights Under Your Brand

WattzOn Provides Connections to Over 215 Utilities — 90% of US Homes

WattzOn's software platform provides the solutions you need.

Solar Company Solutions

Top-of-the-Sales Funnel

  • Challenge Lots of prospects, lots of competitors. How to stand out?
  • Solution Combine utility data connections, instant home diagnostic reports and custom content.
  • Benefits Higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Customer Message "We're your trusted home energy advisor."

Speed Through The Sales Process

  • Challenge Utility data is hard to get, but needed for financing.
  • Solution Use WattzOn's Link or Snapshot products to acquire prospect's utility bills. Under your brand.
  • Benefits Get utility data in minutes. Better conversion rates, faster time to close.
  • Customer Message "We make it easy for you, throughout the sales process."
End Your Utility Bills
Solar Company Solutions

Don't Lose Customers After The Sale

  • Challenge Permitting delays lead to customer drop off between signed contracts and installation.
  • Solution Create immediate savings for the customer, install a smart thermostat under your brand. Add solar. Add whole house reporting.
  • Benefits Higher engagement leads to sticky customers.
  • Customer Message "We're here to help you save, from the start. Let's get going!"

WattzOn's platform brings it all together Solar Production — Thermostats — Energy Monitors — Utility Data

Increase Conversions

Automated utility connections and energy analytics provide quick, engaging personalization.

A Single User Experience

Our energy analytics are always local, in every region of the U.S.

A Software Solution

Reduce the frictions of customer adoption. No hardware or smart meters required.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Segment, target, and track with utility data & energy analytics.

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