WattzOn's technology delivers the utility bill data you need

National Coverage

Data in Minutes

Advanced machine learning for accuracy and scale

Our industry leading technology changes the game Hard-to-get utility data is now easy

Huge markets gain access to utility data through WattzOn

Underneath The Hood, WattzOn Solves a Hard Problem

Missing Data

Missing Data

Data on utility websites often omits crucial billing information. WattzOn gets the bill.

Scattered Data

Scattered Data

Key information is scattered throughout the bill. WattzOn's machine learning system reads it all.

Clear Normalized Data

Clean, Structured Data

Get data in minutes via API or in batches via SFTP. One national database, ready for use.

A Single User Experience Across the U.S.

*Coverage depends on utility smart meter deployments. 60M homes will have smart meters by 2022. WattzOn endeavors to capture all available smart meter data.

Our advanced machine learning system is optimized for utility bill data extraction

WattzOn has the complete solution

An Award Winning Team

WattzOn: A Featured Program

Our community program to help transform energy savings into college savings gained national attention.

WattzOn: A Leader in Green Button Data

WattzOn was honored to present at the White House Energy Data Palooza.

WattzOn: A Top 20 Energy Solutions Provider

“A unique national platform for utility data capture and energy analytics.”

WattzOn: Awarded Grant — Consumer Insights from Smart Meter Data

Our platform was deployed on 12 military bases, saving an average of 18% per home.