Thrive Global just featured GLYNT.AI co-founder Sandra Carrico in their Women Leading AI series. Congrats Sandra!

Sandra combines two roles here at GLYNT.AI: VP of Engineering and Chief Data Scientist. It is that dual perspective, that enables Sandra to lead our software team to the cutting-edge. We built a self-contained, elastic software platform to enable our ML solution to work at speed and scale. We built an ML system that delivers 98% accuracy after training on just a handful of documents. Only someone who can see the big picture can make that happen. Thank you Sandra!

And, as you can see from the article itself, Sandra is thoughtful on the substantive issues surrounding our race to the AI future. My favorite quote is below:

I believe that GLYNT will prove to have the most social impact of anything I’ve done to date. Today a few large companies control the world’s data….GLYNT, through its low-shot learning feature, democratizes access to data trapped in documents.

Sandra Carrico

Co-Founder, VP of Engineering and Chief Data Scientist, GLYNT

We don’t often hear how AI can open doors. And here at GLYNT we applaud those who use our tools to increase access to data and create connections in our digital world.

Read the article here.

Learn more about GLYNT.AI. As we say here at GLYNT: “Every document needs an API”



Photo credit: Nancy Mueller Photography


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