As we wrap up a busy 2018, here’s our look ahead at the top five trends for the business of utility bill data:

1. Increased demand for energy use data at the building level. More than one trend is making this a top market change in 2019: Increased energy use benchmark reporting across the U.S., increased demand for energy data in global corporate sustainability reporting, the rise of smart city functionality, the expansion of competitive pricing for commercial solar, community solar, energy storage, and the digital transformation of all things in managed properties. No matter what the source, everyone’s interested in the mashup of energy use and building detail. Fortunately, WattzOn’s SNAP and LINK products are ready to ease the acquisition of utility bill data.

2. The rise of managed energy services. Let’s face it, the paragraph above was a mouthful. But it reflects the many varied forces coming at building owners and managers. To reduce complexity, folks on the building side are turning to managed energy services. Let the experts surface the best deal. With aligned incentives, there is accountability. Similarly, consumers are confused by the plethora of solar/storage/retail energy/energy saving product offers. In both the commercial and residential sector, we see a customer desire for simplicity, tailored offers and a smooth sales experience. This is a requirement for utility bill data too.

3. Increased Data Liquidity. Data Liquidity is a term used in other industries to summarize the speed, ease and accuracy of data flowing from source to application. Gaps in data liquidity have been holding back growth in sustainability reporting, building management and managed energy services. WattzOn’s SNAP and LINK products are making significant steps forward, and are changing this.

4. New markets for utility bill data. This year we developed LINK PRIME, which enables a consumer-permissioned data transfer from the utility site to the credit bureaus. This is part of a global trend to rethink how individuals are credit scored and which data is reflective of the consumer’s ability and willingness to repay loans. Look for the newly liquid utility bill data to go to some very interesting places!

5. Maturing software stacks in water, energy, and cleantech. As we close 2018 we have had some great conversations with industry friends. They have made fantastic progress on their software platforms, setting the stage for 2019. We forecast adoption of AI, block chain and other innovative technologies. The industry is ready to integrate. WattzOn’s SNAP product is offered AI as a Service, and we’re delighted with the adoption interest from long-standing customers.


From all of us at WattzOn, we want to wish you a very happy holiday season and a fantastic 2019!

Look for our product updates in January! We’ll be launching an online self-serve version of LINK and SNAP. It’s all about improved Data Liquidity, delivering speed, ease of access, and data accuracy.


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