Coverage in over 50 states via a single integration. WattzOn supports a complete digital experience for consumers evaluating energy products and services.

The equation is pretty simple.

WattzOn’s LINK ENERGY has the supply of data needed for national marketing campaigns, and consumers want a personalized energy experience. Surveys show that consumers would change energy suppliers to get this feature, and have no qualms about sharing their utility data with Amazon or Google.


WattzOn’s LINK ENERGY Nationwide Coverage

Notes: Not all homes have a natural gas connection.
Smart meter data availability varies by utility.
Additional utility coverage is added when needed, based on customer requests


Consumers want personalization and control.
  • 55 million smart/connected thermostats will be installed in the U.S. by 2025
  • 54% of consumers want personalized energy offers, so much that they would switch energy providers if they were not get not getting them
  • Retail energy companies that offer personalized digital engagement are highly profitable sellers of what is otherwise a commodity product

New offerings are emerging to serve the consumer.

  • Ikea is offering solar and storage products
  • “What Would Amazon Do?” – see a recent white paper by Tendril
  • Consumers say they would trust Amazon and Google with their energy information
  • Comcast has partnered with Crius Energy to offer retail energy plus movie ticket bundle
  • Over 750,000 Nest customers across the U.S. participated in a voluntary energy reduction program during the 2017 solar eclipse
What’s next?

Imagine a world in which consumers are segmented and targeted using widely-available national marketing databases, coupled with additional data on consumer sentiment and effective messaging for all things green and energy-related. Guess what? It’s happening already.

LINK ENERGY is ready to support your innovative energy product offering, and the energy markets are ready for what American businesses do very well: Create and deliver great consumer products


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Get instant data from residential utility bills. Standard field list


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