WattzOn Brings Data Liquidity to the Energy Market

We started with the question: “Why can’t energy be sold like any other consumer product?” It sounds simple, but getting basic pricing information is challenging when there are thousands of utilities across the U.S., each with a different bill layout. So we built LINK, which serves homes in all 50 states and enables our business partners to offer a single user experience nationwide.

We had a problem: Without a fully-automated solution, the cost of reading utility bills is too high and service is too slow. So we built GLYNT, which uses machine learning smarts to instantly extract any and all data from a bill for any utility. Energy, water, sewer and waste.

We heard our customers: Energy and solar products are tailored to energy usage profiles. Without fast access to utility bill data, sales stall and energy users don’t get their best deal.  So we built SNAP, which instantly feeds data from utility bills into sales and proposal tools. Bills are uploaded by the user. 

We’re shaping the future: WattzOn’s products break through the data silos of the energy industry.  When users see lower utility bills, they know they are saving money. Sales increase. Data liquidity from WattzOn supports the growth of a transparent market for energy products and services. 

Utility bill data for residential and commercial accounts.
Any data, any utility.


Extract data from any residential or commercial utility bill. Choose your fields. Any utility


Get data from residential utility bills instantly. Consumer uploads pdf or scans. Standard field list


National platform for utility connections. Fetch all historical bills and interval data. Quick automated retrieval


Increase sales with SNAP and LINK. Fast utility bill data for customized proposals and product offers


Speed proposal development with GLYNT’s automated data extraction. A solution for bulk bills too


See which product is right for you


Use GLYNT to extract the fields you select from residential and commercial bills. Any data, any utility


Get instant data from residential utility bills. Standard field list


Fetch utility bills and interval data. User provides online credentials


Take a look at product briefs, case studies and white papers


Answers to frequently asked questions about GLYNT, SNAP and LINK