WattzOn is built TO MEET audacious goals.

We started with the question: “Why can’t energy be marketed like any other consumer product?” It sounds simple, but the thousands of utilities and thousands of bill layouts are challenging. So we built LINK ENERGY, which serves homes in all 50 states, and serve business partners with national product offers.

We had a problem: Without a fully-automated solution, the cost of reading utility bills is too high and service is too slow. So we built SNAP, which uses machine learning smarts to instantly extract any and all data from a bill for any utility.

We had a discovery: Consumers can benefit from permissioning the transfer of utility bill payment histories to the credit bureaus. So we built LINK PRIME and added in phone and internet payment histories too, so there’s something for everyone.

We’re shaping the future: WattzOn’s technology creates new business opportunities and changes industries. How cool is that?

Providing utility bill data to energy and credit markets.
Any data, any utility.