Use Wattzon’s Utility Data for Customer-Centric Sales and Engagement


Help Your Users and Clients Improve Their Credit Scores

  • Consumer permissions data transfer
  • Payment history reported to the credit bureaus
  • Up to two years of historical data at the start
  • Automatic monthly updates
  • Phone, internet, electric and natural gas
  • Drop the LINK PRIME widget into your website or use our hosted solution, under your brand

LINK PRIME launches in the fall of 2018

Get the Data You Need for Customer Engagement and Sales

  • Coverage of utilities in all 50 states
  • All historical data on first data transaction
  • Automatic monthly updates
  • Smart meter data included, where available
  • Data returned in 30 seconds – 2 minutes, depending on utility
  • A proven solution

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Instant Data Extraction from Residential and Commercial Bills. Select the Fields You Want

  • PDF or scans
  • Use our standard field list or create your own
  • The SNAP widget makes it quick to upload bills
  • WattzOn’s advanced machine learning extracts the data
  • Data returned in seconds via API or the WattzOn Dashboard
  • JSON or CSV format