Life is Too Short to Have Engineers and Sales Teams Type in Data by Hand

Rapidly get data from utility bills. Any data. Any bill.
Residential and commercial
Electricity, natural gas, water, sewer and waste.
Now available for summary bills (aka consolidated or bulk bills)

SNAP PLUS provides automated data extraction from utility bills, using WattzOn’s advanced machine learning system. Choose the fields you want by utility and a machine learning model is trained just for your use. SNAP PLUS includes Verification and delivers data with 99.5% accuracy, ready for integration into your sales and operational workflows.

Transform dense line-item detail into clean data

Get Exactly the Commercial Bill Data You Want in Seconds

The Goal: Close the sale while the prospect is engaged

The Challenge:  Detailed data from the bill is needed to prepare the proposal. Current solutions are slow, inaccurate and expensive

The Solution:  SNAP PLUS. We built SNAP PLUS because we needed it to process bills ourselves. Our machine learning technology produces highly accurate bill data in seconds.

Integrate SNAP PLUS into your sales flow for commercial customers.


Put SNAP into your sales flow. Offer your customers an easy way to upload their utility bills

SNAP PLUS returns key account data and the bill itself in seconds:
• Use our standard field list
• Add the fields of your choice

Use the SNAP PLUS API to get data delivered to your CRM or proposal tool, or download the data from the WattzOn Dashboard

SNAP PLUS is available for residential and commercial bills, including consolidated or bulk bills.

Learn more about our advanced machine learning solutions for automated data extraction at GLYNT.AI

Download the SNAP PLUS Product Brief
Download SNAP PLUS for Consolidated or Bulk Bills
Download SNAP PLUS Technology Overview