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Help your customers and clients report their utility bill payment history to the credit bureaus.
Average credit score increase of 27 points. See the impact in weeks.

For Consumers

Build Your Credit Score!

Want to raise your credit score? Often the advise is to take on more debt and pay it off. That’s expensive.

Now there’s another way. The leading credit score agencies, FICO and Vantage Score, are ready to incorporate your utility bill payment history into their calculations.

Phone, internet, gas and electric bill payment data can raise to your credit score and improve your future. This data is not currently provided to the credit bureaus, you have to permission the data transfer.

Use LINK PRIME to report your utility payment history and start building your credit score today! 

of consumers see same or better scores after providing utility data

average credit score increase after providing utility data

of consumers are offered lower interest rates after providing utility bill data


Help Your Clients Make Visible Progress on Their Credit Score

Reporting utility bill payment data to the credit bureaus helps no-score and thin-file clients get a score, or improve a score.

LINK PRIME is the innovative nationwide solution for reporting utility bill payment histories from phone, internet, electric and gas bills.

Simply add the LINK PRIME widget to your web page or refer your clients to our hosted web page, under your brand.  Once your client completes the registration, WattzOn transfers the data directly to the credit bureaus.

LINK PRIME captures the past 24 months of payment, so your client will the impact on his or her credit score in weeks.

Contact us about referral fee arrangements and discounts for non-profits.


Engage with Customers and Help Them Qualify for Your Loan Products

LINK PRIME is the first national solution for reporting utility bill payment histories.  Use LINK PRIME to engage with your prospects and customers.

  • Help prospective borrowers raise their credit score to meet lending requirements
  • Segment prospective borrowers by their level of engagement. A consumer who provides three on-time payment histories is sending a message!
  • Add utility bill payment data directly to your lending models for improved re-payment predictions

The consumer pays for LINK PRIME directly, allowing WattzOn to offer revenue sharing to lenders.


  • Install the LINK PRIME widget on your website or use our hosted solution, under your brand
  • Consumers register at LINK PRIME. Connect up to three accounts for $18
  • WattzOn sends the data directly to the credit bureaus
  • Lenders can integrate the LINK API for direct data transfer
  • WattzOn offers revenue sharing and non-profit discounts