WattzOn makes every home energy smart

Utility Data and energy insights

Engage customers, speed sales and deliver energy savings

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Use WattzOn's proven engagement solutions to increase sales and savings. Increase your customer touchpoints. Easy integration into your CRM system.

Utility Data Capture

Automated connections for utility bills, interval data and pdfs.

National Coverage

Provide the same consistent experience to all your users.

Personalized Insights

Now that you have the data, add personalized insights & products.

Branded Engagement

Your brand, your customers. Our platform makes it easy.

Utility data in minutes. Nationwide. Add energy insights. Now you're talking to your customers.

9 / 10

Users would recommend our service to a friend.


Open rates on WattzOn’s customized, personalized emails.


Annual savings per active user, often from habits alone.

110 M

Number of homes we can serve via nationwide utility data connections.

WattzOn Provides Value

Leaders in residential energy choose WattzOn

WattzOn Engages Your Customers

Before the Sale

Make it easy and engaging for your prospects to provide utility data.

After the Sale

Keep your customers engaged for increased referrals and upsells.

Support Your Brand

Helpful, personalized tips and alerts — exactly when needed.

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