WattzOn Liberates Data

Mr Bill — machine learning to extract data from static documents

Link — provides utility data, covering all 50 states and 94 million homes

Mr Bill Surpasses Human Performance — LEARN MORE

Mr Bill makes it easy to get clean data from from pdfs, scans, faxes, and images

Mr Bill Data Pipeline

A complete machine learning system. Scalable. Highly Accurate

Uncommonly low training required. Only 20 - 30 example documents

LINK solves the hard problem of many, many utilities. Get a single user experience nationwide

National Coverage

Utility data in minutes. The platform for customer-centric energy.

Industry leaders choose WattzOn

WattzOn makes it easy to liberate data

Accurate Data Capture

Accuracy rates exceed 98% for all our products.

Quick To Deploy

Get started in a day. ROI within a week.

Speedy Results

Our elastic cloud keeps us on high speed.

Scalable Solutions

Designed from the start to scaleā€¦ and scale again.

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