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WattzOn's platform delivers solutions that fit your needs.

Available as API or Hosted Solution. Use Our Plug-and-Play Mobile Web App.

A solution for all your customer energy engagement needs.

WattzOn’s products are built on our scalable, intelligent platform.

Guided by our proven results and experience, we offer customization options that create your best solution.

Easy to deploy, and easy for your customers to use.


9 out of 10 users would recommend our services to a friend.

Proven Savings

From habits alone, typical household savings are nearly $250 per year.

Quick to Launch

Use our software platform, under your brand.


Get the freedom to acquire utility data nationwide.

Yes, utility data capture can be this easy.

Use our products to configure your best engagement solution.

Data Capture Link utility accounts to our platform for automated updates or take a photo of the utility bill for an instant start.

Analytics Personalized recommendations and predictions. Localized to climate, housing stock and more. National coverage.

Engagement Tools Multiple personalized customer touchpoints. Easy to add on to your product or service.

WattzOn's Utility Data Capture

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We combine unique data, software, powerful analytics and your brand. Utility bills are transformed into an interesting, personalized experience.

WattzOn's Solar


Start with immediately engaging utility data. Stay engaged after the sale. Improve conversions and increase revenues.

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WattzOn's Connected Home

Connected Home

Add whole house energy insights to your product or service. Increase engagement and revenues.

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WattzOn's Programs


Serve your community or properties with our plug-and-play software solutions. Proven, data-driven programs to efficiency and results.

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