We Make Utility Bill Data Easy

WattzOn enables consumers
and businesses to quickly
provide their utility bill
data to our customers in
the energy and credit markets

Reports utility bill payment histories to credit bureaus and lenders. User permissioned.

Sends utility energy usage data to solar and smart home companies. User permissioned.

Data instantly extracted from residential and commercial utility bills. User uploads bills.

See SNAP in Action!

SNAP is a game changer for utility bill data. Imagine getting any data item you want, from any utility: water, waste, sewer, electric and gas.

One-time setup in just minutes. Automatic data extraction every month. Meet SNAP.

Residential, commercial and industrial bills. Consolidated and bulk bills too!

Place Our Easy-to-Use Flows into Your Website or Mobile App

Or use our hosted solution. Always under your brand

Data returned in seconds via API or download files at the WattzOn Dashboard

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